Aren’t seasons there for the picking? Do they not sustain the wonderful variety of food available to us? In a world where everything is available all year round, we can forget the sheer delight of tasting what nature has to offer each season.

When it comes to really interesting food and cooking, seasonality is everything – that’s Henry’s raison d’être. At Sha-Roe you will always experience the very best seasonal fare prepared with loving enthusiasm.

Over ten years on from first opening, Sha-Roe is still the talk of the county, a testament to adhering to all its good intentions.

Sha-Roe picks its suppliers carefully. The customer’s experience is always at the forefront of their choice!

Cullen’s, Wholesale Fruit & Vegetables

Aske, Gorey, Co Wexford

You can’t compromise on freshness when it comes to fruit and vegetables. Sha-Roe has worked with Cullen’s since the beginning. They were chosen for many reasons: they’re local, reliable, family-owned and there’s never a compromise on quality.

Kavanagh Meats Ireland

Gareth Kavanagh, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

Sustainable, ethically sourced meat is what Sha-Roe believes in, as that’s what customers appreciate. They choose Kavanaghs because it’s a local and independent abattoir, which sources beef from the green fields of the local countryside.

Carlow Cheese  - Elizabeth Bradley

Fenagh, Co Carlow

Elizabeth Bradley is the most passionate and knowledgeable cheese maker Henry and Stephanie know.  She is fighting the fight for small independent raw milk cheese producers, and Sha-Roe is privileged to be able to buy artisan cheeses from her farm.

Gubbeen Ireland

West Cork

Chorizo is so ten-a-penny these days, and like any product, not all are made equal. Gubbeen produces the best chorizo Henry and Stephanie have ever tasted. Perfect for complementing many dishes.

Croghan Valley Game

Tom Nolan
Aughrim, Co Wicklow

A true knowledge of game and how important the butchering and hanging processes are, always results in the perfect dish. Sha-Roe always source deer and pheasants from Tom Nolan, who shoots and butchers his own game.

Pallas Foods

Speciality foods

It’s not always easy to get certain items that may be the quintessential ingredient in many of Sha-Roe’s courses. Pallas Foods provide a wide selection of products that are not easily sourced in Ireland.



Colin O’Shea
Dunmore east, Co Waterford

Colin O’Shea buys his fish directly from Dunmore east fish auction. After that, he rings Sha-Roe and delivers excellent quality fish to us the next day. It means Sha-Roe can guarantee fresh, delicious fish to their customers.